Skeeter, a black lab and service dog to Amy Jones, got his own honorary ‘sheepskin’ along with Amy at commencement exercises this past Saturday at Waco Hall on Baylor University campus.

A quadriplegic since 2002 after a skiing accident, Amy and Skeeter were paired in 2004. After months of rehab, Amy went back to school to get her degree, Skeeter her contact companion.

“God opened up my eyes to his plans that just didn’t include me standing up,” Jones said. “So I decided that I would just go ahead, accept it and move on.”

“Amy has busted through brick walls, and Skeeter has been faithfully by her side every step of the way,” Baylor Law School Dean Brad Toben said. “Skeeter has become a part of our community and part of our family here at the law school.”

Jones said despite everyone at the law school “spoiling him to death,” Skeeter has behaved himself admirably.

When Skeeter is accompanying Jones to classes, she says he wears a red vest identifying him as a service animal.

“He takes it very seriously,” she said. “People know not to bother him when he’s working.”

When the vest comes off, however, Jones says he immediately switches into play mode.

Fellow graduate Jolie McCuiston of Lubbock said she and Jones began law school at the same time, and she has been around both Jones and Skeeter from the beginning.

“Amy is always so sweet and willing to help out,” McCuiston said. “And everyone loves playing with Skeeter, but Skeeter always knows when he’s working.”

McCuiston said Skeeter will occasionally add an audible growl to a professor’s lecture for added emphasis.

“He always said what we couldn’t say,” McCuiston said. (Waco Trib)

So that’s how Skeeter, ” a playful service dog, received his honorary Juris “Dog”tor, making him the first nonhuman to be conferred a degree from the institution.”

No, he didn’t have to pass the bar and he won’t be arguing before any juries but you can bet he will always be Any’s hero.

You just gotta love stories like this! Our dogs, our companions, our heroes…

Way to go Skeeter!!

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