Riley Mers and Rock'OA dog trained to detect the presence of peanuts may help save an 8-year-old girl’s life in Monument. For most of us, allergies can be annoying and irritating, for Riley Mers her allergy to peanuts, in any shape or form, is literally life threatening. Even touching a peanut will burn and scar her. Touching someone who has any kind of peanut reside on their hands will burn her. Inhaling inhaling peanut residue that’s too faint for us to even smell will break her out in hives and make it difficult for her to breathe.

Needless to say, this has kept this otherwise average little girl from living any kind of an average life. Now, thank to Rock’O, a Portuguese water dog trained at the Florida Canine Academy, Riley can start doing some of the things your average 8-year-old does. She can go out in public, go shopping and even visit friends.

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