Meet Pirelli, a pup less than a year old, destined from birth to become a service dog but born with his own disability.  At Canine Assistants near Atlanta, GA, this pooch was born without one of his paws, possibly due to the umbilical cord being wrapped around it and cutting off the circulation.  They named him Pirelli after the tire because he needed a retread. And now he’s getting one! 

How wonderful is this? 🙂

Service and working dogs give so much, they make life better and easier, they protect and serve… they definitely deserve the best that we can provide for them!

And Perelli has a special mission because of his own disability, to travel to schools and raise awareness and promote acceptance.

Winning the hearts of people all over the city of Atlanta, he received enough donations to buy a dog-sized carbon fiber foot, which he’ll be fitted with in the next few weeks.  He’ll be running around like Olympian Oscar Pistorius!

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