Joshua Kyle StittMy friends, we’ve got another winner here; 21-year-old Joshua Kyle Stitt of Oregon City, OR, killed the family dog, Blue,  a blue heeler-doberman mix that was his father’s, then killed a litter of puppies.

On September 4, Stitt said the dog nipped at his leg so he took a 3″ pocket knife, stood on the dog’s leash and proceeded to stab the dog in the neck and then slit its throat.

When he father got home, John Stitt found his son covered in blood from head to toe, blood spattered over a 40′ dog run and a son that was bragging and seemed pleased with what he had done.  Joshua Stitt had previously been discharged from the Marines due to mental instability.

Then more recently, Joshua took a metal pipe or rod and brutally bludgeoned 6 puppies to death and ripped down their enclosure.

The father then knew what he had to do and he called the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

“(It’s) very upsetting, not easy for a father who loves his child very much to turn him in for such a horrific thing. But I felt he might move on from animals to people,” John Stitt said. “I want him to get medical help. I want him to get a good doctor. I want him to have medication that will keep him calm and I want him to realize his problems.”

Joshua Stitt was arrested and charges with 7 felony counts of first-degree aggravated animal abuse, with penalties of up to five years in prison on each count with fines of $125,000.

He was arraigned on Monday and is currently being held in the Clackamas County Jail, with bail set at $105,000.

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It must have been very difficult for the father to turn his son in but he realized the obvious, such extreme violent tendencies against animals could easily be turned on people.  Now why doesn’t the damn judicial system acknowledge this fact and punish accordingly??  This young man needs some help, some serious help and he needs to be out of society because he is a serious danger.

I’m not going to hold my breath but will be keeping an eye on this one.  He’ll be back in court on September 28 and we’ll take it from there.  This man poses a serious threat to society, his father did his part, as hard as it must have been, now it’s time for our legal system to do the right thing and see that Joshua Stitt get’s what he needs… time away, far away from society.

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