How much more pathetic can you get? A 2 year old mixed breed dog was found in Beaumont, TX after a neighbor’s complaint with it’s collar grown into its neck.

“We had a call, neighbor complained, we responded and this is what we found.”

Animal control officers say they found a two year old mixed curr with months worth of neglect eating away at its neck behind a home on Park Street in Beaumont. Officers says the dog’s collar had been too tight for too long. The painful result is the skin growing over the collar leaving the wound susceptible to deadly diseases including gangrene. Officers say its one of the worst kinds of cruelty, and unfortunately, it’s seen, “fairly regularly, more often than I like to see,” says Animal Control Officer Matthew Fortenberry.

Fortenberry says the owner’s excuse for the neglect is also unfortunately a common one.

“The man claims that the dog belonged to his daughter but she’s only 5-years-old,” he said. “And it’s her responsibility to tale care of it?” He said, “That’s what he’s claiming.” (KFDM)

You’ve got to be kidding me!! This obvious worthless piece of shit lets a poor defenseless dog suffer for months, in pain, and them have the nerve to blame it on a five year old child!! We got us a real winner here!

Luckily for the dog, he’s been removed and is on his way to recovery. As for the unnamed owner, and I don’t mean the 5 year old child, both civil and criminal charges will be filed against the owner. Possible consequences include up to a year behind bars and fine of up to one thousand dollars.

Dog with Embedded Collar

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