precious_madera_countyA 2-year-old female Shepherd mix was found hanging by a homemade noose in from a tree in an orchard in Madera County, CA on Wednesday.  The man who found her cut her down and it is beyond amazing that this girl survived.

When animal control made it to the scene, the dog which they named Precious, was stumbling around with the noose embedded in her neck, her head swollen beyond recognition. They believe that she may have actually been hanging for days.

“I named her ‘Precious’ ’cause her life is precious to us here, to a lot of people. It may not have been to the person who did this to her. But she is precious,” Amy Toler, Animal Service Officer said.

Bloody wounds all over her body, mange so bad her skin is raw; she’s a 25-pound German Shepherd mix that should weigh twice that.

“Struggling a lot, foaming at the mouth, bleeding at the mouth, nose, it was a pretty horrible scene. I didn’t think she’d be alive by the time I got back to the shelter. I was going as fast as I possibly could and hoping she wouldn’t die in the back of my truck alone.” Toler said.

It’s also obvious that before Precious was hanged that she’d been seriously neglected; a bad case of mites and an “elephant like skin that continues to crack and bleed.”

“She’s real lethargic still. She’s still in a lot of pain and discomfort, a lot of infection. But she’s a fighter, we can see that. She’s a survivor,” Shelter Director Kirsten Gross said.

Precious is being cared for at the Madera County Animal Shelter but it’s going to be a long time before she’s well enough to be adopted. She’s eat well and receiving medication for her mange and infections.

A reward of $1000 is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of the dog’s abuser. Shelter officials also say one of their biggest concerns is that a person who is willing to do this to an animal may be capable of hurting people in the same way. Anyone with any information please call the Madera County Animal Shelter at 559-675-7891.

How could anyone look at the precious little girl and do something so cruel and horrendous? Was it an owner who thought this would be a easy out, a way to get rid of a sick dog… or someone just bent on torture and bringing pain who got their sick thrills by hanging her.  Whoever did this I would love to tie a noose around their neck and see how they like it!

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Can you help get the word out on this precious baby, see if there isn’t someone out there who knows something.  This dog suffered and suffered horribly; neglected then tortured.  It’s amazing that she survived, now how about some justice!

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