Kim Baalbergen & Steven Baker, sexually abused a dog

Note these faces well, they are the faces the two people so sick and sexually depraved that it is beyond the minds of rational people to even begin to understand how they could do what they did!

There no way to account for the sick, depraved workings of some people’s minds.  This is one of those case where all you can say is, “Oh my God!”  A Klamath Falls, OR couple, Steven Baker, 54, and Kim Baalbergen, 50, have pleaded guilty to sexual abuse of an animal, unbelievably only a misdemeanor.

The couple was sentenced to 60 days in jail, two years probation in which they are not allowed to own any animals and 40 hours of community service under the terms of the plea agreement reached in December for the three misdemeanor counts. That’s a pretty lenient sentence no matter how you look at it especially since the dog, a German Shepherd named Max, lost his life. And he didn’t even do anything besides what he was trained to do, regardless how sick and perverted it was.

Seems the couple had a friend who runs a sex website including bestiality and told them that they could make a lot of money and have fun too. Fun, wow! So Baalbergen performed oral sex on the dog and received oral, vaginal and anal sex, and Baker received anal sex. They also videotaped their depravities and sold them to a company in Amsterdam for $12K

The prosecutor, Cole Chase, said it is the first time anyone has actually been fully prosecuted under the state’s animal abuse law which has only been on the books for a couple of years now.

Max, the shepherd, had to be euthanized.

“Because of the way it was taught to interact with people, it couldn’t be placed in another home,” Chase said.

There are just no words.  But one does have to be concerned where their attentions may turn when they are out of jail to get their jollies since they can’t have pets??  Scary thought!

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