UPDATE – 8/9/08 – Sweetie’s SAFE!!! She’s out of the shelter and in the hands of a rescue!

This is Sweetie and she’s had a rough time and unless she gets some help fast, it’s going to get a lot rougher!

Right now Sweetie is at an animal shelter in Baytown, TX and how she got there is just sad and pathetic!!

She was originally adopted as a pet for an 11 year old girl. No doubt the little girl loved her new dog, a beautiful shepherd mix girl. One day she thought she would make the dog look pretty so she put bows on her ears. Unfortunately the bows were attached by rubber bands and even more unfortunately, no adult in the family ever used any common sense to remove the banded bows from the dog’s ears.

Day after day the rubber bands cut the circulation off to the dog’s ears until they rotted and fell off. The parents, rather then educate the child, decided to just get rid of the ‘problem’, so the poor, innocent and neglect dog was just whisked off to the nearest shelter and dumped!

And now Sweetie has not only lost her ears due to ignorance, negligence and stupidity, she’s also lost her home and the shelter she is at is a high-kill shelter so she may also lose her life!

The phone number for animal control is 281-422-7600. Cindi Foster is a volunteer there that is trying to find a home for this dog. Baytown Humane Society has absolutely NO foster homes left – in fact they are over the number of animals that we really should have right now a lot of stress and strain on our foster homes as they been asked to double up when they could.

This little girl will be eligible for adoption on the 9th, and after that she will only have a few days before they put her down. And by a few days, I mean 2 or 3. they feel she would do best in a rescue but the bottom line is that she needs a home and she needs it fast!!

If you think you might be interested in this dog, please contact Ms. Foster NOW. If not, please forward this information to anyone you know that might be able to offer her a home or help.

Please, help by crossposting the information and getting the word out. She doesn’t have much time!!

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