frodoThe Saint Joseph County Humane Society was broken into during the overnight hours and although the low-life scum managed to make off with loot, drugs and more, they got a surprise that probably kept them from doing even more damage, a German Shepherd named Frodo broke out of his cage and chased them off.

“If someone is looking for a dog for a house that would be a protector, that would be Frodo,” said Dr. Carol Ecker, director of St. Joseph County’s Humane Office. “Something set this dog off because he broke out of his cage, and chased them. Probably saving us from getting more things stolen.”

About a dozen cats escaped through an open door and all but two have been rounded up. Frodo was found a short distance away but unfortunately for him, his reward for heroism turned out to be a skunk bath. Looks like, or probably smells like is more appropriate here, this canine hero tangled with a skunk and wound up on the losing end of that battle.

Way to go Frodo!! I’m sure you would have preferred a nice bone or steak as a reward but…. Maybe your new fame will help you find a great home!

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