Karley, the 6-month-old puppy brutally beaten by Glynn Johnson

Update 12/23/08 – Glynn Johnson’s Puppy Killing Defense – VIDEO

Update 12/16/08 – Puppy Killer, Glynn Johnson, Arrested… Finally!

Investigation into the November 3 beating of a puppy by the, now suspended, Los Angeles County Assistant Fire Chief Glynn Johnson, has brought a recommendation by the Riverside County sheriff’s that Johnson face charges animal cruelty. They submitted the case to the DA’s office on Wednesday.

“Anytime we submit a case to the district attorney, we believe there’s a violation of the law suitable for prosecution,” McElvain said. “We believe there’s a strong enough case for criminal prosecution. It’s left to the DA to determine if there’s enough evidence to file charges.”

No arrest has been made yet, have to wait on the DA’s office to decide whether and when they will actually file charges and issue a warrant.

Investigation into the case was hampered by Johnson’s inaccessibility. Deputies were unable to reach him at home or by phone and then on Wednesday when they finally were able to contact him, he declined to answer any questions.

On November 3, Jeff and Shelley Toole’s 6 month old shepherd-mix puppy, Karley, got out and went to visit neighbor, 24-yr-old Travis Staggs. Staggs lives one house over from the Tooles and the house between belongs to Glynn Johnson. Staggs was walking the puppy home to the Tooles when Johnson stepped in and told Staggs to give him the puppy, that he would take it home.

Staggs reluctantly handed the puppy over to Johnson and that’s when it happened. Johnson beat the puppy with his fist, pried his jaws open to the point the puppy’s jaw was broken and beat it over the head with an 11-inch rock.

“He hit the dog in the face with a closed fist two times. He got on top of the dog and started beating her,” Staggs said.

“At that time I ran down my driveway, ran up his, tried to pull him off and his hands were in the dog’s mouth. He was trying to pull the dog’s jaws apart, breaking the dog’s jaws. He was prying her jaws apart and grabbed a rock and started beating her with a rock,” said Staggs.

The dog was so severely injured, the Toole’s were forced to euthanize him.

“I’ve never seen a dog come in with that level of head injury,” said Dr. Howard. “I’ve seen pets who have been hit by cars and they were thrown by the car and suffered fractures to the nose or skull but I’ve never seen a case where their head was that badly damaged.”

Johnson claimed he was defending himself against a vicious attack by the puppy, that Karley had latched onto his thumb and nearly bitten it off. Staggs said that he didn’t see Karley bite Johnson, that Johnson’s brutal beating was completely unprovoked.

The Toole’s say that Karley was a sweet puppy and had never been vicious. They believe that Johnson had intended to to the puppy harm from the start because of some ‘bad blood’ between the neighbors.

“There’s no explanation to me,” said Shelley Toole, the dog’s owner. “He intentionally, for one, went over to (our neighbor) Travis, who already had the puppy and was bringing her home, and took her. He, to me, had no intention of ever returning her. He intended to do her harm.”

Johnson was suspend – with pay – from his position as Assistant Fire Chief, so I guess he gets a nice paid vacation for brutally beating a dog. Isn’t that nice?

Please be a voice for Karley! You can sign the online petition asking that felony animal abuse charges be filed against Glynn Johnson, NOW!


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