St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Ernest Jay Singleton was arrested and charged with 17 counts of cruelty to animals. Someone please explain to me how we are supposed to end animal cruelty when the very people who are supposed to protect are the very ones engaged in these horrendous crimes?? Our law enforcement officials are supposed to set an example for the rest of us to follow in not breaking the laws!!

The District Attorney’s office says more than a dozen injured and neglected dogs were found at Singleton’s house. The dogs had scars, injured feet and were found covered in feces and urine.

Assistant District Attorney Chester Cedars tells TV3 it’s very likely Singleton was fighting the dogs – and he could face more charges. Cedars also expects more arrests will be made in connection with the case.

Singleton was arrested July 18th, he’s on leave without pay from the Sheriff’s Department for 14 days. (KATC)

How do you win a war when ‘your soldiers’ are fighting on the other side??

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