A short while back when I was doing research about Tammy Grimes of Dogs Deserve Better’s upcoming trial I came across an editorial she did about a Minnesota Mayor who was going to be going to court on the same day as she.

I question a society where those who step up to save a dying animal are arrested and prosecuted; yet those who allow an animal to suffer and die in their very own yards are rarely brought to justice and seldom even charged with more than a minor infraction.

Ironically, May 21st is also the day the Good Mayor of a town in Minnesota goes back to court for a crime involving his chained dog. In this case the defendant sentenced his “wire-haired hunting dog” (we’ll call him Wiry for short) to death by freezing in sub-zero temperatures, with only a feces-laden crate for shelter. He is charged NOT with animal cruelty, as one who has any faith in the justice system would expect, but instead with failure to provide proper housing, a ‘petty misdemeanor’ charge.

His ‘petty misdemeanor’ charge is even less for KILLING his dog than my ‘misdemeanor’ charge is for SAVING a dog.

Neighbors say they heard the dog crying for help. None came.

Before heading to archives, the comment section on the Good Mayor’s news story at sctimes.com numbered 105 comments and still climbing, indicative of a story that raises serious moral and ethical questions. One of the more pressing questions on people’s minds was “If the neighbors heard the dog crying, why didn’t they step up to help?”

A person identifying him/herself only as Fed Up stated the story was indeed true, as he/she had personally heard the dog’s cries for help. Indignant questions of “Why didn’t you DO something” met only with silence from Fed Up. (Tammy Grimes – Dogs Deserve Better)

Well today was the day they both stood in a courtroom to plead their case. As for Tammy’s case, we’ll wait and see. As for the “Good Mayor of a town in Minnesota”, also know as Mayor Michael “Mitch” Fiedler of Rice, Minnesota, well he pled guilty.

The mayor of Rice pleaded guilty Monday to a misdemeanor charge that he didn’t provide adequate shelter for his dog, which froze to death outside his home in February.

Michael “Mitch” Fiedler was ordered to pay a $50 fine plus surcharges, for a total payment to the court of $132. He pleaded guilty to a petty misdemeanor charge of providing an improper dog house for his wire-haired hunting dog. The dog froze to death in early February, when temperatures were well below zero.

A Rice police officer went to Fiedler’s house after receiving a complaint and saw Fiedler’s dog dead in the yard.

The dog’s house, which was described as a plastic animal travel kennel, was tipped on its side. The officer noted that the temperature was 15 degrees below zero with a windchill of about minus 30.

Fiedler told an investigator that the dog had suffered seizures previously and that he thought a seizure was what caused his dog to die, according to the citation. (The St. Cloud Times)

Now can tell me where justice is served? This is yet another travesty of justice! Yet another animal abuser getting off with a ‘slap on the wrist’ if you can even call it that!

Where is the justice for that poor dog that sat out in temperatures far below zero with wind chills so cold it would hurt to breath.  Where is his justice as he sat crying for help, for mercy? It didn’t exist then and it doesn’t exist now!

Please feel free to let me know what you think!

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