10 Year Old Cancer Victim, Ryan Morgan and stolen puppy, DixieOh, this is bad, this is about as low as people can go. To steal a puppy is bad enough but to knowingly steal a puppy from a young child who is fighting cancer, I’d like to send the scum who did this to hell myself!

A month before Ryan’s 6th birthday, he was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma, and since then has fought off the cancer in both his stomach and brain, enduring dozens of rounds of chemotherapy and radiation to do it. As they were fighting through Ryan’s latest treatments because of a 2007 relapse, Missy Morgan was diagnosed with breast cancer. She and her son were undergoing chemo at the same time.

In July, Ryan turned 10 and as a gift, his parents gave him a miniature Dachshund to keep him company and keep his spirits up. He named the little puppy Dixie.

“Whenever I went to the hospital or something, I would always think of her, and it would make me happier,” he said. “I really like her. She’s cute.”

Now Dixie is gone, stolen from her crate after a home invasion on September 10 and to make matters worse, police believe that the thieves know the family so they knew the 13 week old puppy belonged to Ryan, a little boy valiantly battling cancer. Now that is just beyond sick!

“The sad part is that the policemen think it’s someone that we know…someone who’s been in our home before,” she says. “I just can’t imagine that somebody would–knowing what we’ve been through–do that to us. I mean, a puppy is part of your family! It was a gift that we had given him for his birthday and he loved her. He got great joy from her.”

“Who would steal a dog when you see pictures of a boy who has cancer,” Ryan said. “I don’t know why.”

Only some very sick bastards, that’s who!!

“He’s been through a lot,” said Missy Morgan, Ryan’s mother. “I had cancer last year, and it’s not right. I can’t understand why this is happening. We just want her back to make things as right as we can. We just want his puppy back.”

Investigators were able to recover a fingerprint and a footprint from the scene.

They told the Morgans they believe teenagers who know the family are responsible.

Along with Dixie, who’s 13 weeks old, the thieves also took Ryan’s Wii entertainment system, his mom’s computer which was filled with photos of Ryan and her jewelry case with some of the trinkets Ryan made for her over the years.

“We’re just trying to get Dixie back,” Ryan said. “That’s pretty much all I want.”

“He just loves here to death, we all do,” said Missy Morgan. “We desperately want her back.”

To contact investigators with information, call the Barrow County Sheriff’s Department at 770-307-3084.

Wanted posters produced by the Morgans include their number, 770-329-8683. (11 Alive)

Missy Morgan is hoping that a reward–which, at last tally, was up to $1,100–will prompt the thieves to return Dixie.

“Leave her with a neighbor–no questions asked,” Missy says. “Leave her where we can find her. We just want her back.”

Please help by getting the word out on this sad, sad story. This happened in Georgia so if you live in GA, know people in GA, email this story. Post this in forums and blogs, anywhere and everywhere. Find the trash who did this and help to find his little puppy, Dixie.

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