Kenyra KennyTwo dogs were condemned to a cruel painful death, abandoned in a North Side, Pittsburgh, PA home after their owner, Kenyra Kenny, 27, moved out.  When the landlord entered the house in October he was greeted by a gruesome sight.

The two dogs, a Rotweiller-shepherd mix and a pitbull had been locked in a bedroom, left to starve, their bodies already decomposing. Piles of feces, hundreds of flies, cans of unopened but clawed and chewed dogfood were found. There were scratches on the door and windows from the dogs attempting to escaped their cruel confines.

Neighbors said that Kenny had moved out some time before but that she would show up periodically with friends and booze to party at the house.

“This is the worse case of animal cruelty I have ever seen,” said Luffey, lead investigator in the case.

On October 25, Kenny was arrested and charged with two counts of animal cruelty, only misdemeanors! She faced two years in prison and $5,000 in fines.

Kenny pleaded no contest to the charges. Her excuses? Well, she said she had no key to get back in, said she had medical problems and she actually had the nerve to say that she and her son, yes, she actually has a child, loved the dogs.

Well, guess the judge either wasn’t a animal lover, didn’t appreciate the prolonged cruel suffering of the dogs, doesn’t realized that someone who would do something like this could also visit these cruelties on a person, or was just a plain idiot, because the sentence was a mere four months house arrest followed by three years probation, a $2,000 fine and counseling.

It’s bad enough that the charges were only misdemeanors but to hand out such a nothing sentence for such a cruel, heartless crime is beyond pathetic!! There is no justice for the dogs, Fat Boy, the pitbull and Diva, the Rotweiller-shepherd mix.

And when you watch the video, you’ll see that it sure doesn’t look like Kenny has missed any meals in her life. Perhaps that’s not a nice thing to say but I really don’t give a damn! This stupid piece of trash left those dogs to suffer a long and cruel death. She deserves no consideration. Those dogs deserved some kind of justice and they received none!

Oh, a keep in mind, this woman has a child. Wonder how he’s doing?

Woman Sentenced For Letting Two Dogs Starve To Death

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