If you’ve ever read anything I’ve done on companion and service dogs, you know that I have great respect for them and the incredible benefits they bring to people. Police dogs do the most amazing things every day and here’s the story of just one of those dogs put on the scent on a missing 5 year old boy in the UK. This was just too cute to pass up! 😀

Police, worried neighbours and even a football team spent two hours searching for a missing five-year-old boy – only to find him asleep under his bed.

After Alex Olver’s worried parents rang police, they sent up a helicopter to scour the countryside around Saltash, Cornwall.

Eleven people, including four police officers, scoured the boy’s room during the search but could not find him.

Volunteers – including the town mayor, a local football team, troupes of teenagers and elderly residents – all searched for Alex, before a sniffer dog discovered ‘the cheeky little monkey’ lying under his bed with a blanket over him.

Mother Claire Olver said: ‘The house was in chaos that day as we were planning my eldest daughter’s engagement party, so I had lots of people over and things to do.

‘At 7.30pm I called for Alex to get him ready for bed, but then realised he was not with the rest of the family.

‘A few of us searched the house then moved outside to the street, which I ran along calling his name. By this stage I was feeling frantic and lots of the neighbours were coming outside to see what was the matter.’

She added: ‘The dog handler came in and went upstairs.

‘I then heard him shout, “Look what I found” and he came downstairs with Alex asleep across his chest.

‘We woke him up and he was very dazed. When we told him what had happened he said he wanted to see the police helicopter.’ (Metro.co.uk)

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