Ratchet You all remember Ratchet, of course… Gwen Beberg’s cute black and white border collie that was the center of a controversy about the military having pets.  So, been wondering how that Iraqi pup’s been doing?

Well Ratchet landed in Minneapolis in October, headed for his new home with Gwen’s parents until she was back and you can imagine Minnesota is quite a change from Iraq, especially at this time of year.

Well, sounds like Ratchet is settling in and doing just great and loving his new home, including the cold and snow.

“At first he’d pick up a back leg and shake it, like ‘What is this stuff?'” said Pat Beberg. Now “he sticks his nose down in the snow just like a dog from here and ends up with a big white muzzle. He’ll dig for a chunk of ice and toss it around …

“He’s just a doll. He’s having so much fun.”

“He’s a growing boy, and he has his moments,” Pat Beberg said. “The biggest challenge is barking. … His job (in Iraq) was to bark and alert people. He has a unique bark, with a sort of a howl at the end of it.”

Gwen, who is now stationed in Kentucky, is scheduled to hopefully be home some time in January and then the feisty border collie will get his training as a therapy dog. The family is waiting until them to celebrate Christmas but Ratchet has already gotten one well needed gift, a pair of booties to combat the Minnesota cold and snow. Big difference from the 120 degree heat in Iraq. 🙂

So how’s Ratchet doing now?

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