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RICHMOND – I was sitting on the couch the other day snuggled up close next to my best buddy in the whole world, everyone calls him Nathan for some reason, when something happened that made my ears perk up.

At first, I wasn’t sure what was going on.

There was some commotion and after looking up at Nathan, with my head tilted inquisitive to one side, of course, I could see something was wrong.

He was upset. Very upset.

I didn’t know why, but it seemed serious. I couldn’t help but be concerned.

Hey, that’s just the way I am.

All the trouble seemed to be because of something he saw on that big black box in the middle of the room, you know, the one he seems to stare at all the time.

I couldn’t quite understand what was being said, I’m not fluent in human, yet, but I could tell the little people in the box were talking about dogs.

Of course, this really got my attention.

From what I could understand, some famous person had been accused of doing something really, really bad. Much to my disbelief, they went on to say that he and some friends had forced dogs to fight each other.

That didn’t make any sense. I thought maybe I had misunderstood.

Once again, I looked up at Nathan with a confused look on my face.

He looked just as confused. And even more upset.

Then the people in the box, I guess they call it a TV, went on to say that some other people had said that the famous guy and his friends had killed some of the dogs.

Now I was totally confused.

This had to be a mistake.

Then the people said that not only had the dogs been killed, but that they had horrible things done to them. I wasn’t sure what some of the words they were saying meant, hanging, drowning, beating and electrocution, but they sounded awful.

I just wanted to go hide under the bed.

My buddy, Nathan, was getting even more upset. He even said a few words that I can’t use in a newspaper.

Still, I didn’t understand.

I realize I’m not all that smart, after all my brain is only about the size of a tennis ball, but why would anyone want to do things like that to a dog?

After all, most of us are harmless, and we absolutely love and adore people.

And almost every person I’ve ever met has been kind, caring and full of love.

So, I just can’t believe there were people in this world who actually enjoyed watching dogs fight each other, and that those same people would hurt those dogs on purpose.

It still doesn’t make any sense.

From what I understand, these four guys, including the famous one, have only been accused of doing these awful things. They still get the chance to defend themselves’ at something I think the people on TV called a trial, and that there’s a possibility that they are not the ones responsible for what happened to those dogs.

But, if they are, they should be punished, very, very severely.

My buddy Nathan would be happy to tell you just what should happen to these guys (once again, I don’t think I can repeat the things I’ve heard him say in a newspaper).

Sure, dogs are not human, but they certainly don’t deserve to be treated in an inhumane way by people, no matter how famous they might be.

And even though I’m just a dog, that’s something even I can understand.

Source – Richmond Register

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