More BSL in action! And more innocent dogs will die because of this!

SOUTH PITTSBURG, Tenn. (AP) – Pit bulls aren’t welcome in the Tennessee town of South Pittsburg — near the Alabama and Georgia borders.

City manager Tom Landers says the city has a dog problem generally and that fed into passage of a recent ordinance that bars people from owning pit bull dogs.

The ordinance states pit bulls have a “genetic predisposition to aggressiveness” that makes the breed dangerous.

The law “grandfathers” people who already have pit bulls, but requires them to register the animals and carry liability insurance. Any pups must be removed within six weeks.

Auto repair shop owner Nathan Ellis says it’s unfair to pass a law that picks on one breed.

He has two pit bulls to guard his shop, but says he’ll have to get rid of them because he can’t find an insurance agent who will underwrite them.

South Pittsburg is 25 miles west of Chattanooga, Tennessee. (WIS)

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