In Monterey County, CA, SPCA officers actually saw the driver of a white Ford four-door pickup deliberately swerve to hit and run over a dog about 11 a.m. Tuesday on Chualar River Road, just east of the Salinas River bridge and they’re offering $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. Another sick bastard out for his jollies killing a defenseless animal!

The truck had tinted windows and was towing irrigation poles with a yellow “wide load” sign on the front grille.

The brown-and-white female pointer was running away from the man down the road at the time, the SPCA reported.

Despite emergency veterinary treatment, she died at 11:40 a.m. at the SPCA.

SPCA Officer Danielle Scheid said she was returning with another officer from a well-being check on several horses in south Monterey County when they spotted the loose dog.

The two officers made a U-turn to pick up the dog, but as they approached, they saw the dog trying to get away from the truck. That’s when they say the man swerved to run over the dog.

“We’ve seen a lot of horrible things on the job,” said Scheid, “but never anything like this.”

She said they attempted to stop the driver by honking their horn and yelling, but he fled the scene

The officers stopped to check on the animal, rather than pursue him.

“At that point, our main concern was taking care of the dog,” she said. “She was still breathing, and we needed to take her back to the vet.”

SPCA officers are peace officers with the power to arrest a person suspected of dog cruelty.

If arrested, the man could face several criminal charges, including animal cruelty and leaving the scene of a collision. If found guilty, the maximum sentence he could receive would be 90 days in jail and a fine, Scheid said.

People often accidentally run over animals in Monterey County, but it’s unusual for someone to do so deliberately, she said.

“What happened is illegal, and we can prosecute it,” Scheid said. “We want people to know that this is not OK.” (The Californian)

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