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Atticus is a 6 Month Old GSD with Hemivertebrae

Atticus is a 6 Month Old GSD with Hemivertebrae

Southern Cross GSD Rescue, a wonderful rescue in Georgia, is committed to helping this sweet 6 month old puppy but they need help. Meet Atticus, he’s a sweet and playful puppy just like most all puppies, but he has a problem, he has a condition called hemivertebrae that is compromising his spinal cord.

He is in a foster home in NC and will be going to the Veterinary Hospital there. He will need a CT Scan, an MRI and Surgery and it will cost about $6,000. They are committed to helping him because he is only about 6 mos. old and the outcome could be that he will be able to live a full and wonderful life.

Look at that sweet puppy face!! Doesn’t he deserve a chance at a full and wonderful life??

Souther Cross named him Atticus after Atticus Finch, a character from the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” because of his internal strength, personal courage and noble ideals.

Check out the videos of the sweet puppy below. He has such a zest for life. He just wants to play like other puppies and love and be loved.

Please help, even if you can only repost and help to get the word out and let others know.

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