Starved and emaciated, this skin and bones beagle-mix was rescued on Route 88 in Stockton, PA by a Good Samaritan driving by.  Dubbed “Shine” by the Washington Area Humane Society because of his will to live, he weighed only 21-pounds when he should weigh in the neighborhood of 45-pounds.

“Shine is the name because we feel he was able to shine through his suffering and be in such good spirits to survive. He deserved a positive name because he’s going to shine through a lot of other times. Hopefully it will get him into a permanent home,” Director Becky Phillips said.

The woman who took the time to save Shine lured him with a piece of sandwich,”She tried to give it a piece of lunch meat. [The dog] took the lunch meat and tried to crawl in the back seat of her car where she placed her bags in there,” said Phillips. “She helped him up because he’s very weak, and so he needed some help. She took time out of her day to bring him to us to get him some help.”

Just imagining the scene of that poor dog trying to find solace and comfort, climbing into the car with the last of his strength, brings tears to my eyes. 

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Shine, who is estimated to be about 5 years old is also neutered so it is believed that he was a family pet and the Humane Society would like to find out who owned the dog and how be came to be so emaciated.  Something like this does not happen overnight and another day or two and Shine’s chances would likely have run out especially with temps in the 20s at night.

But now Shine will have a second chance at life and the love he so deserves.  It may take three to six months for him recover enough to be adopted and due to the long term undernourishment he is partially blind but for now Shine is with a foster family who will love him and care for him until he is ready.

If anyone has any information, please call the shelter at 724-222-7387.

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