Starved dog found in clothing donation bin

Update 3/25/09 – Jail for Man Who Dumped Starved Dog in Donation Bin

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See Update – 9/26/08 – An Arrest Made and Update on Sally

She was starved to skin and bones when a man emptying the charity clothing donation bin in Hyde Park in the parking lot of the Stop and Shop on St. Andrews Road found her. Dutchess County SPCA estimate she had been dumped in the bin a week before she was found on Monday and the weather had been in the 90s during the daytime for a week.

DCSPCA Humane Law Supervisor Jami Landry said, “It must have been like an oven for the dog trapped inside.”

Someone had actually dumped her through the slot for clothes donations in the Dutchess County Volunteer Fireman’s Association’s metal donation bin. No food or water, in what amounts to an oven for a week!!

They named the small yellow terrier mix female dog Sally, short for Salvation and estimate she’s about 2 years old. She was severely emaciated and dehydrated and in spite of her condition, she was still friendly and wagged her tail when she was taken to the shelter for treatment.

Who could have done such a heartless and cruel thing to such a sweet little dog? It rips my heart just to look at the picture, you can see every bone in thatSally, starved and dumped poor girl’s body. Sick, cruel bastard!

Sally should weigh in the neighborhood of 36-39 lbs… she weighs only 16!!

Humane officers say that when Sally was found, she was wearing a nylon collar with interwoven threads of orange, reflective silver and black. The collar was tied with a clothing line cord.

Right now Sally is staying with a foster family experienced in caring for dogs with special needs. She’s being fed small amounts of food numerous times a day.

They were finally able to run blood tests to make sure there’s no underlying reason for her condition, they needed to wait until Thursday because she was so extremely dehydrated when found.

Someone knows this dog and knows who did this to her and they are investigating. As for Sally, she will be cared for and loved and given attention. She is very needy right now, always wants to be with someone.

If anyone has any information about this dog, contact the DCSPCA Humane Law Department at 845-452-7722, ext. 104.

Sally, dumped in clothing donation bin, Hyde Park, NY

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