Roscoe, starved dogYesterday afternoon, Stephani Montesi and Lovell Grant, Hillsborough County, FL, were arrested and are now looking at numerous animal cruelty charges after a sweep of the Sulphur Springs area turned up Roscoe and two other dogs without food and water at their home.

Roscoe, as you can see, is not much more than skinRoscoe could barely stand and walk and bones and he’s also missing an eye. He was so malnourished when he was found that he could barely stand and walk. His ribs and hip bones poke through his skin and his backbone is a series of hard knobs. He has little muscle left.

“If you take an animal into your home or onto your property, we ask that you give them food, water, shelter — basic veterinary care.” Hillsborough Animal Services spokeswoman Marti Ryan said.

Stephani Montesi and Lovell GrantWell it’s obvious these upstanding citizens, Montesi and Grant, didn’t know a damn thing or more likely, just didn’t care!!

Luckily for these dogs, they were rescued in time, and if deemed healthy and not dangerous, they’ll be looking at a new life and new homes. Hopefully Montesi and Grant will be looking at a new home too, one with bars, but it’s doubtful. We’ll probably see another ‘slap on the wrist’ sentence with a fine and probation.

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