FateWhat a heartless piece of trash!  On January 16, 20-year-old Tella Bush of Gary, IN, called the Humane Society of Northwest Indiana to pick up a dead dog. Humane Society director, Betty Clayton and another employee went to the 602 Illinois St. address and found the dog snow-covered and frozen inside its makeshift doghouse.

Bush told Clayton that she had only let the dog out the night before and when she called, the one-year-old male pitbull didn’t come so she left it out there. Temps reached 15 degrees below zero overnight.

What doesn’t ring true about this story is that when Clayton found the dog, it was chained to a tree next to the doghouse which was nothing more than a wire crate with some wood slapped on the sides and a little hay on the snow covered ground, there was no food or water.

And to make matters worse, the dog was severely emaciated. A vet who examined the frozen dog found that it was about 25 lbs underweight and “a dog with this amount of extreme weight loss is a very likely candidate for death by starvation. The extreme cold weather we are experiencing would increase the chances of this dog not surviving.”

And for her cruel sentence of death to this poor innocent creature, Bush was charged only with misdemeanor animal cruelty and faces only 180 days in jail and $1000 fine. Where is the justice in that even if she was sentenced to the max which almost never happens?? This dog died a cruel death, prolonged suffering from starvation then freezing in temperature well below zero. Even a pitbull in top shape would not be able to survive those conditions, few dogs would without adequate shelter and not only did this dog not have adequate shelter, he didn’t even have any bodily reserves to call upon. What a disgrace! This was nothing short of torture!

When will the punishment ever fit the crime?  When will we ever really see justice for the innocents that suffer at the cruel hands of the scum of the earth??

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