KatieIt’s heartbreaking to have a beloved pet go missing but imagine coming home, where you’re supposed to feel safe and secure, and find out that your beloved dog has been stolen, ripped from your home and your life, forcibly. This is what happened to one Vineland, NJ, family and if not for some dedicated animal advocates, “dog soldiers” they’re oft referred to, fielding tips and pounding the pavement, who knows where Katie, the bull terrier mix would be now.

On Aug. 28, when Frank Torres came home and Katie didn’t come to greet him, he thought it unusual but figured maybe she was outside.  It didn’t take long to figure out what really happened, when looking around, Katie’s dog bed, bowls and other things were gone and the family’s TV had been ripped from the wall.  But it was Katie missing that ripped their hearts out.  Katie was more than just a dog, she was also their toddler, little Frankie’s, best buddy. In explained how much of a gentle and loving dog Katie is with his son, Frank Torres said,  “She would allow him to do anything he wanted to her. He would ride her, climb on her, and lay with her, and pull her ears.” 

Katie, a 5-year-old bull terrier mix was adopted from the Cumberland County SPCA when she was just a pup and is a much love family member.  “I’m going to hit the streets and I’m going to find her and I’m going to find the person who has her.”

Luckily for the Torres family, they also had Justice rescue on their side, an advocacy group out of Philly, PA, who got involved, offered a reward for Katie’s return and started pounding the pavements.

“I felt like somebody kicked me in the stomach, knowing that generally good things, don’t happen to dogs that were stolen,” says Wolf, President of the Justice Rescue team.

Tips and information were rolling in that eventually led them to a house where Katie was.

I was actually on pins and needles myself following their status updates on Facebook.  I had posted Katie’s missing flier earlier in the day and then started seeing updates from Justice Rescue…


The relief when they said that Katie was safe was like a dam burst!  Like so many following the story, I didn’t know the family, never met Katie and only knew Justice Rescue from following them… but you could almost feel the collective sigh of relief

When they knew where Katie was, the next step was getting the Vineland PD involved so that warrants could be issued and Katie could safely and legally be taken from the house. While all the legal proceedings were taking time, Justice Rescue stayed and waited and worked with the police.

Around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning, the Justice Team, Frank Torres and Vineland Police successfully brought Katie back home.

Katie safeOn Sept. 1, Katie’s family shared this photo… “Safe and sound in bed at Grammy’s house 🙂 “

Up until after Katie was actually rescued, the Justice Rescue team hadn’t even met her and the Torres family gives them great credit, “I got to give them credit because I did it because it was my dog and they did it and they hadn’t even met her until today.”

And for Justice Rescue, the reward was in the people, the pooch and the successful rescue,

Katie family“The fact that we get to meet Katie today is really reward to us…and to meet what a wonderful family that we know are going to remain friends forever,” says Wolf.

And who does Justice Rescue credit? The Vineland, PD!

talk about the real hero’s in the Katie’s case, Its really the Vineland Police Dept. These guys and gals are true professionals. Detective Kirchner was my main contact, and Detective Rodriguez, Officer Montana, and officer E Rivera were the first responders. However it didn’t stop with them, at one point there was many officers on scene. they are true professionals and deserve recognition for everything they did.. yes its their Job but they went way above and beyond what they needed to and the professionalize they all carried was refreshing. .. Can we show the the Justice Rescue Love by going to their face book, Liking it and send them all personal thank you… lets overwhelm them with they recognition they deserve. thanks WOLF

What a fantastic story, what a great team, what a lucky dog and family… Love a happy ending!  Wish they could all be….



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