Angela and her 2 year-old son, Jordon, were at a playground at Higgs Park in Port Charlotte, FL when a man armed with a knife came up to her, put the knife to her side and told her not to scream.

Thats when her savior appeared out of nowhere, charging full force at the at the armed attacker, teeth bared, fur flying and growling.

Angela’s savior was a 65-lb stray dog.

“God only knows what would have happened if he didn’t show up,” said Angela. “As soon as he growled he just let go of me and took off.”

As soon as her attacker let go, Angela grabbed her son and took off toward her car, her furry savior following at her heels.

“Before I could shut my son’s car door, he jumped right in and I wasn’t going to sit there and try to get him out. I just had to leave before that guy came back,” said Angela.

“After the cops left, we were waiting for Animal Control and he stood by my door and did not leave my door. He sat there and did not leave,” said Angela.

Animal control came a took her four-legged hero to the local shelter but Angela says he won’t be there long. If his owner doesn’t come forward to claim him, she’s going to adopt him.

“I don’t know what his intentions were- I don’t know why he did it, but I’m glad that- we call him Angel- I’m glad that Angel showed up because I don’t know what would have happened,” Angela said.

What a wonderful story and yet another amazing dog. Sometimes guardian angels come in different forms and Angela and her son’s just had four legs and fur. 🙂

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