boost1 You remember Boost, Marcus Campbell’s sweet Boxer that was killed a half hour after a couple dropped the dog off at the Walker County Humane Society. Well, Walker County Humane Society Director Lane Reno said the dog was acting in a hostile manner, aggressive, had to be removed from the carrier with a catch pole, etc. and that was why he was killed. The couple who dropped Boost off at the Walker County HS denied Reno’s claims and said that Boost was friendly and agreeable.

Now surveillance video has been released showing the truth!

You can easily see that Boost came out of the carrier and was friendly, tail wagging, walking on a leash without a problem. He showed no hostility or aggression. Walker County Humane Society Director Lane Reno’s lies are revealed for the world to see!

“He jumps right down off the truck and walks in and the other video showing inside shows Boost wagging his tail, just happy to be there, not having any idea what was fixing to happen to him,” said Attorney Brett Wadsworth.

This sweet, beautiful and well beloved year-old family pet was killed because this bitch and her staff were too lazy, heartless and uncaring to make any effort to find room for him and God forbid they had to stay late at work! Instead they killed him, saying he was aggressive.

There are three videos that were uploaded to YouTube, you can view them HERE.

Campbell is suing the Walker County HS for an undisclosed amount and also calling for a change of leadership and the WCHS.

Far too often I think we have turned into a sue-happy society and there are too many frivolous lawsuits but in this case, there is nothing frivolous and I hope he rakes them over the coals!  I hope Reno and her staff are fired and never find another job working with animals because anyone who would do that or be collusion obviously doesn’t give a damn about animals and should have anything to do with them!

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