Azure, stabbed 7 times

Update 7/31/09 – Dog Saved By $5k in Donations Now Being Sold

Azure, a pitbull puppy, was attacked and stabbed 7 times with a sword by 26-year-old Justin Carrafield after he had an argument with his girlfriend.  Amazingly, with the loving care of the staff at Alicia Pet Care Center in Mission Viejo and a $5K donation from Wheaton’s Pet Rescue Center, Azure survived and was placed in the grateful arms of her owner, Erin Lup, Carrafield’s then girlfriend who was also attacked.

Justine CarrafieldCarrafield, who has a history of includes burglaries, thefts and assaults,  faced charges of animal abuse, domestic violence, possessing of a dagger and cultivating marijuana.

In a plea bargin on Wednesday, Carrafield pled guilty to animal cruelty and and cultivating marijuana and was sentenced to a year in jail.

A year jail sentence is small justice for the cruelty and pain that Azure suffered and with Carrafield’s criminal background, I believe he warranted a much harsher sentence.  Sadly, courts and jails are overrun and the court system does what ever it can do to “process” criminals quickly and easily with the least burden on an already overburdened system.  It’s pathetic that “justice” operates this way and justice is seldom ever truly served.

The sentence of a year actually is not bad when you look at some of the sentences handed down to some animal abusers, probation and fines for cruel deaths of innocent victims.  How sad to have to look at justice in those terms…

But luckily, Azure did survive, she was one victim that did not pay the ultimate price and that is something we really can be thankful for.  Carrafield will pay, one way or another, now or later.  I believe that no one really gets away with anything.  Everyone pays in the end, but I sure would like to see them pay more now!

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