Puppies Killed - Jacksonville

Update 10/9/09 – Teen That Drowned Puppies During Burglary Identified

Four months after the horrific crime galvanized Jacksonville, FL, in which a home was burglarized and the burglar took a crate with two little puppies in it and tossed it in the backyard pool for the babies to drown, a suspect has been arrested.  And the suspect is a 16 year old teen!!

You can imagine the how terrible it was for the homeowner to come home that day to find her home had been invaded, ransacked and burglarized but to find her two puppies, cruelly drowned in their locked crate at the bottom of the pool!  She says she’s still traumatized by the incident.

The teen’s name has not been released because he is a minor but it’s reported that he attends Sandalwood High School and investigators were alerted to him after a friend of the teen tipped them off.

Animal abuse is horrifying at any time but when you find a child as the abuser, it makes it even more horrifying and in this case, to throw to defenseless puppies that were locked in a crate, a place that was supposed to be safe, into a pool to drown, I am just stunned speechless at the cruelty. What could ever make anyone do that, let alone someone so young?

This young man is now incarcerated and charged with burglary and animal abuse.

Someone this young, who most likely is being charged as a juvenile, you have to ask where he will be headed as he enters into adulthood? More violent and cruel crimes? A budding sociopath?  You wonder what he’s done in the past to lead up to this.

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I got an email tonight from one of my readers and her closing comment really hit things head on:

Good parenting skills would make a huge dent in the number of persons sent to prison, too, but humans always seem to go about solving a problem ass-backwards. There are at least three generations of young people out there that operate without the benefit of empathy, compassion and a mildly functioning conscience. It is a very dangerous time in our history.

Susan, these words sum up so much. Thank you for saying this so concisely, hope you don’t mind me sharing but it just fits this horrific crime!

So many of today’s youth really do scare me, I wonder what the future holds with people like this to lead us into that future?

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