A 17-year-old Sedalia, MO teen, Cody C. Paxton, has been charged with stealing, a class C felony, and animal abuse, a class D felony after he shot a neighbor’s sheltie-mix dog in its kennel last Thursday. The “stealing” charge comes from depriving the dog owner of his “property” by killing the dog.

This twisted case is full of discrepancies on the teen’s part. First he tells the neighbor that someone was shooting at him and when the neighbor invited Paxton in and offered to call the police, Paxton declined and said he had his own gun. After Paxton left, that was when the neighbor discovered his dog shot.

Confronted by police Paxton told several different stories, none of them including “someone shooting at him.” He said that is was an accident, he said he never saw the dog.

When police searched the home, they found a shotgun that had been recently fired and a spent shell as well as shells in the wooded area behind the house.

“Based on the discrepancies between (the neighbor’s) story and Cody’s story, most notable Cody’s initial failure to mention to me that he had been shot at minute earlier, I believed that Cody was attempting to mislead me regarding his behavior,” Patrolman Sean Hiatt wrote in his statement.

Paxton was booked into Pettis County Jail Friday on a $10k bond.

I just don’t even know what to say!  A kid running around with a loaded shotgun!!  Do we see a problem here?  And using an innocent little dog as taget practice or a game or whatever the punk was doing!  Then to actually go to the neighbor’s house… what the hell was he thinking, or was he even thinking.  This kid’s got some problems and needs some serious help!

I’m not anti-gun but putting a gun in the hands of a 17-year-old and allowing them to have it without supervision is just nuts!!  Teens are knows for often outrageous behavior and when you combine that with a loaded gun, it’s lucky that a person was not shot.  As it is an innocent life was viciously taken.  What is wrong with people??

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