tyrik_clarence_cainThis smirking young man is Tyrik Clarence Cain, 18, of Hampton, VA and he’s now facing the following charges; one count of Animal Cruelty, one count of Organized Dogfighting and Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute.

Investigation into another animal abuse case in which two pitbulls were found in a dumpster led police to Cain. A search warrant turned up 7 chained pitbulls on the 800 blk. of W. Queen Street property. Police said along with injured dogs, they also found dog fighting paraphernalia on the property.

“Some of them, not all of them, had injuries,” explained Cpl. Paula Ensley. “There were some of them that had injuries consistent with dog fighting.”

According to an affidavit for a search warrant filed at Hampton Circuit Court, the two dead female dogs found in January had been shot in the head and had multiple wounds consistent with dog fighting.

Police received a tip that the dogs had belonged to Cain, aka “Poppy,” Hampton animal control officer Allan Cline said in the affidavit.

Investigators were told by an informant that dog fighting had been seen in the backyard of Cain’s home. The document said a reliable informant had seen Cain “engage a pit bull dog” with another man who was wearing a firearm tucked in his pants. The informant said the fight lasted a few minutes and both dogs were later retrieved and loaded into a black truck in front of Cain’s house.

The informant said Cain trained his dogs in the back yard of his home with ropes suspended from a tree.

Cline said the informant told him Cain “attempts to obstruct the view into his back yard while engaging in dog fighting by devising a temporary screen made from bushes and tree branches tied together.”

Cline said the rear of 814 W. Queen St. “extends into an area of heavily overgrown bushes and trees which borders with a street behind 827 W. Pembroke Ave., Maaco Auto.” (WTKR)

An aerial photograph revealed the existence of a clearing behind Cain’s home which is obstructed from plain view, the affidavit said.

“Nobody’s going to tolerate any cruelty to animals and we’re not going to take it lightly,” Ensley said.

Neighbors say that although they never saw Cain mistreat the dogs, they’re not surprised at the charges.

When you look at this young man’s face you see no remorse, no embarrassment, no shame.  What you do see is a “F&#* You” attitude.  What is wrong with someone like this that at 18 years old they couldn’t care less about facing these kinds of charges and the prospect of prison time.  Is this some kind of “badge of honor” with some of these teens nowadays?  Is this what society is teaching? We’re seeing more and more young people; teens, kids, even much younger than this, committing violent crimes, getting involved in gangs.  There is something seriously wrong with families and society that this happens.

And what do you do with them?  Toss them in prison?  They’ll be worse when they get out.  So what is the answer?  Is there one? It scares me for the future of our society.

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