Here’s yet another ‘slap on the wrist’ sentence for the unconscionable and cruel killing of a dog by a teenager! Last March, an 18 year old of the 200 block of Fourth Street, East Conemaugh, PA, Klynn M. Cvejkus, entered an unoccupied house and for some sick and twisted reason stuffed a little terrier dog into the washing machine and turned it on.

The dog died as a result. It’s neck was broken. Can you imagine the pain and suffering of this little dog, jammed into a washing machine, tossed and bashed around until it’s neck broke?

Obviously the judge didn’t buy her story of finding the dog already dead on a roadside but neither did he give her much of a punishment. On Thursday she was given one year probation, fined $300, plus administrative fees, by Judge Gerard Long.

And to belittle the poor innocent little dog’s brutal killing even more, under the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program, if she doesn’t do anything else with the next year she will even come out of this with a clean record.

Now someone please tell me where justice has been served?! This ‘slap on the wrist’ mentality of our justice system needs to stop! This was not some innocent little prank, a living, breathing, feeling creature lost its life to her brutality. This was nothing less than torture.

The link between animal abuse and future violence is well known but obviously not taken very seriously.  Just like the five boys who set a dog on fire and received counseling for they cruel and vicious crime! The ‘system’ will be seeing most if not all these miscreants again in the future and they’ll be asking where did they go wrong… well, here it is! You have only yourselves to blame.  Think what you’re going to tell the next victims of the crimes perpetrated by these little animals!

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