sudds_airLefferreio Sudds, 17, pled guilty to two counts of felony animal cruelty and torture for setting fire to two dogs on April 4.  He will serve four years in prison.

The two charges of animal cruelty were enhanced because the judge accepted fire to be a deadly weapon.

One of the burned dogs was male, and the other was a female that was either pregnant or nursing,.  Both dogs were euthanized due to their injuries.  They had been doused with a flammable liquid, set afire. Witnesses told police they saw “two balls of fire” running through the neighborhood.

Sudds’ buddy, Jucorey Davis, also 17, faces animal felony charges at a later date.

In the courtroom was Diane Sudds, Lefferreio’s mother.  She thanked God when she heard her son would be only serving 4 years rather than the six or seven he was originally facing.  She wept because two months ago she saw her husband, Michael Wilbert, go to prison for cruelty to dogs.

Michael Wilbert is the step-father of Lefferreio Sudds.  His dogs were seized during the investigation of his stepson.  Seven dogs, including a 4-month-old puppy, all had major health problems and numerous wounds indicating they had been fought or had been the victims of dog fighting.  The judge ordered that the dogs be humanely destroyed.

And while Diane Sudds was crying, she was thanking her lucky stars her son only got 4 years for burning two dogs to death.

These two will be out of prison eventually, Diane.  What are you going to do?  Welcome them back as a loving wife and mother, or, do as I would do if you were me – change your name and move out of town.  Real fast.

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