julian_dominguezThe 16-year-old that tossed a crate with two puppies locked in it in a swimming pool during a home burglary has been identified.  Julian Dominguez, a student at Sandalwood High School, Jacksonville, Florida.

At a hearing yesterday, his lawyers asked that Julian be released to home detention, but Juvenile Court Judge Jefferson Morrow said NO because of the nature of the charges against him.

Apparently this was an act of retaliation against the homeowner for calling the police when he was smoking in front of her house.

Prosecutors are seeking to try Dominguez as an adult on charges of animal cruelty and burglary.  You betcha.  If they’re old enough to break into houses and drown animals, they can be tried as adults.  His parents raised a real winner here.   And as you can see from his public Myspace page, it’s as empty as his head.

There are too many kids out there committing these horrendous acts of violence.  Not only to animals but to each other.  This site lists tons of Youth Abusers:

Cheyenne Cherry – the dognapper and armed robber that cooked a kitten.

Lefferreio Sudds and Jucorey Davis – doused two dogs with accelerant and set them on fire.

Dasha Lombard, James Manzanares, and Nicholas Stogdon –  found a stray puppy and taped her muzzle shut with packing tape, stabbed her with a knife and screwdriver, and proceeded to drop a 40 lb concrete block on top of her.

Just sort by Youth Abusers categories and you’ll find more than you can stomach.  It’s a disgusting list.  And it is nowhere near all of them in the news, and God knows how many go unreported.  What has gone wrong?  Why are these kids so angry that they have to beat, maim, and kill animals?

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Because if this is what constitutes our citizens of the future, the human race will be extinct far before it’s expected.

Is there any chance aliens can abduct me?


More than two and a half years ago when I started this, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I quickly found that all these crimes again our canine companions hurt me, made me angry, frustrated me but it’s the crimes that are committed by the children and teens in society that really make me despair.  If these weren’t offset sometimes by some of the wonderful stories of our youth going our of their way to help, to love and to care, I’m not sure what I would do.  I know that there’s always good and bad in any society but when people at such a young age are so inured to pain and suffering and cruelty, when they actually take pleasure and thrills in inflicting it, there is something seriously wrong!

This kid killed two innocent little puppies because he got pissed off when the homeowner yelled at him for smoking and called the police.   What if he had encountered a small child in the home instead of two puppies? With so little respect for life at 16, how is he going to be at 18…. at 20… at 25?  The thought is truly scary!

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