AngelAngel, the German shepherd puppy who was burned, possibly by a blowtorch being held to her head, is mostly recovered and ready to find a home.

In early August on a Tuesday, Angel’s owner went outside to find her then, 5 month old puppy, on fire. Angel then ran off, only to be discovered two days later under a bench, shivering and in pain.

“It’s ungodly to think that somebody would do that to an animal,” Metro Animal Control officer Billy Biggs said.

But now, more than a month later, after much treatment and care, Angel is doing much better.

“She’s raring to go, she’s just had a… bath and she’s all happy,” Biggs said.

Because of her special needs, her owner relinquished her to the Metro Animal Shelter soAngel they can find her a new home. Due to the scarring, she will need to be mostly kept out of the sun, basically an indoor dog.

This past Saturday, country singer, Emmylou Harris, headlined a “Pet and Pickin’ party” at the shelter to give people a chance to adopt Angel and some of the other wonderful pets at the shelter. A total of 28 pets were adopted.

“It’s a gathering of like souls hopefully and the main objective is we’d really like to get some dogs and cats adopted,” Harris said.

“It should be a red alert to parents and to the communities that this is happening, and somehow, we don’t think it’s very serious. We have to send a message that it’s very ,very serious,” she said in talking about Angel, hoping that her case would raise community awareness.

Metro Animal Shelter is now taking applications for Angel and you can bet they’re going to make sure whoever adopts Angel treats her like an angel. After all she’s been through, she deserve to have a bit of spoiling and pampering now I think.

The Metro Animal Shelter is located at 5125 Harding Place in Nashville and can be reached at 862-7928.

No one was ever connected to the burning of Angel and although it was thought that possibly the 5 boys who had burned another dog to death just a month before might have been involved, the DA’s office ruled them out.  Three of the boys wear GPS ankle monitors.

Source – WKRN

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