seymour-brittney You can just imagine the heartbreak Scott Seymour must have felt two weeks ago when his beloved canine companion, Brittney, a 9-year-old American Bulldog, was diagnosed with several terminal cancerous tumors.  The vet advised that she might not survive surgery and Scott decided not to go with the chemo, fearing it would be just too hard on her.

The other option was euthanasia but Scott decided not to end her life but with the aid of meds, allow her to live as long as she would, possibly just another few weeks.

This decision not to end her life saved his own.

Early Saturday a fire broke out in his Grand Rapids, MI house and it was Brittney’s barking that awakened Scott in time to get them both out of the blazing inferno.

“Brittney might whine a little when she has to go out, but she never, ever barks when I’m sleeping,” said Seymour, 39, who has had the dog since she was 6 weeks old. “She was demanding that I get up.

“And it saved my life.”

Since the fateful news and his decision to let his canine companion’s life end naturally, Scott has been spending as much time with her as possible, to cherish what time they have left, thankful that the steroid therapy have been allowing them this time.

“She’s been eating really good these days,” Seymour said, noting there’s no harm in spoiling a dying dog.

So now Scott has one more memory to add to his memory scrapbook of the life and times of his Brittney, her a lifesaving hero.

The home he rented was pretty much a total loss and so were most all of his possession so for now, Scott Seymour and Brittney will stay with Scott’s parents until he can find a new home.

The decision to humanely end the life of a companion pet is often one of the hardest decisions a person ever has to make. Often for a pet that is suffering and in pain, it is our final gift of love. Scott and Brittney were lucky that they had another alternative so that they could grab some extra time and that gift of time turned out to also be a gift of life for Scott as one of the final acts from he beloved canine companion that has been a part of his life since she was just a tiny puppy.

Stories of hero dogs always touch my heart and this one even more so. Those of us who share of lives with our furry family members are thankful every day for their presence in out lives so you can imagine how Scott feels. My heart goes out to him knowing the pain he will be facing soon but rejoices at the memories that he will always have especially the memory of the day that his dog saved his life. Brittney will live forever in his heart.

Update 5/27/09

Sadly, on Tuesday, just days after Brittney saved the life of her human companion, Scott Seymour, her pain could no longer be managed and Scott made the painful decision to humanely euthanize his beloved canine companion.

My heart goes out to Scott, I know the decision was not an easy one to make but as a final gift of love, it was the one last thing he could do for her.  My sincerest condolences go out to you, Scott!  Fly free at Rainbow Bridge Brittney!

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