I have just received an update on this and want to pass this along – it is important!!

This is a press release from Alza (the J&J company) posted yesterday:

ALZA Responds to Inaccurate and Misleading Information Regarding Dogs Housed at Its Campus

October 4, 2007

Unfortunately, inaccurate and misleading information has been circulating on the Internet about ALZA’s plans for dogs housed at its campus. There is no public adoption program. The animals will be properly cared for and relocated to a different facility when ALZA closes at the end of the year. We regret this unfortunate misunderstanding and appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Also posted on craigslist was this:

I appreciate everyone’s concern for these dogs and the lengths which people will go to save them.

Alza does not have dogs in danger of euthanasia. The craigslist post was created by a former Alza employee with out authorization.

All the dogs have been placed through their facilities adoption program. I have spoken directly with Alza animal care staff and their attending veterinarian.

Below is the original post… I sincerely apologize for the problems this may have caused, I was acting on the information available with the best intentions as was everyone involved.

This came from the Best Friends Network and I wanted to help get the word out! These puppies lives are in danger. They’re out from under testing danger but now they need home or they will be put down! Please feel free to repost!

Best FriendsTesting Facility Puppies Need Homes

Lab closing, pups’ lives in danger

By Sandi Cain, Best Friends Network

An animal testing facility in Mountain View, Calif. is closing its doors, putting the lives of 40 beagle puppies in danger. The puppies, which have never undergone any testing, are 16 months old, but without new forever homes will have to be put down October 15. Alza Corp., a Johnson & Johnson company, is closing its doors that day.

Any rescue group, foster or permanent family is welcome to step in to help these puppies.

What You Can Do
Contact Rick Bible at azoulaybible@hotmail.com

Spread the word to anyone who might be able to help. Remember, these puppies only have until Oct. 15!

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