Azure, the dog up for sale on Craigslist by her owner, Erin Lup, is now safely in the hands of The Pet Rescue Center.  This is the same rescue that donated $5,000 to save her life.  Azure is no longer for sale.  She will be placed up for adoption.

azureThe rescue center, through donations, spent more than $5,000 to save Azure when she was eight months old after the brutal stabbing by Erin Lup’s then-boyfriend, Justin Carrafield.

Carrafield, high on drugs and alcohol, assaulted Lup. He choked her and then directed his anger at Azure, stabbing the puppy seven times including one between the eyes. Justin Carrafield is serving a one-year sentence after pleading guilty to felony charges of animal cruelty.

Azure was taken to Alicia Pet Care Center where she underwent two hours of surgery.  Erin Lup had no money for the mounting medical bills, but money or no, Dr. Matthew Wheaton and his staff did everything needed to save Azure.

When things did not work out for Erin and Azure, Erin placed Azure for sale on Craigslist for $300.  After that ad was removed, she placed another one in K9Stud and upped the price to $500.

You can imagine the fallout when this got out.   K9Stud received many outraged emails from the public including a bunch of us here at FTLTD.   Within hours the ad was removed.

Those most hurt by Erin Lup’s actions were all the people who donated to Azure’s care plus the attending veterinarian erin_azureand his staff.   Dr. Wheaton was shocked when he discovered the ad.  He had just spayed Azure a few weeks before at no cost to Lup.  Yes, Erin Lup was a victim of domestic violence.  And at the time she may have needed Azure.  But when Lup turned around to sell her dog, it was a slap in the face of those who unselfishly gave money and time to save her dog.

Erin Lup finally agreed to relinquish Azure to The Pet Rescue Center and have no more contact with her.   After some basic manners training, she will be up for adoption.

Erin Lup is going to back college and will be living on campus.   We don’t what she’s majoring in, but a few courses in Gratitude should be in her curriculum.

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Thanks for this great update Andrea! I remember when I did the original story on Azure when she was stabbed.  It was so touching how the staff at the Pet Care Center cared for her, time and money donated.  Alot of people had some misgivings when Azure went back to Erin Lup, I hoped for the best but when it came out that she was trying to sell Azure… unbelievable!

I’m just glad that Azure is in good hands now and you know that The Pet Center will make sure that she goes to a wonderful and loving home.  Have to agree on the ‘gratitude’ courses, maybe some ‘common senses’ courses too because she hasn’t shown much up to this point!

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