Meier-SunshineI’m sure we’ve all heard the cliche’, “The dog ate my homework” and there’ve been many stories about dogs eating many other things from money to golf balls, from clothes to Super Bowl tickets, but a pooch munching a passport, I think this is a first.  This is also especially funny for me because it’s a local story.  It happened in Eau Claire, WI, which is all of about 5 minutes from me.

An Eau Claire High School student, Jon Meier, was on his way to Peru with his Spanish class when a problem popped up in Miami 20 minutes before his flight was scheduled to leave.  Seems Miami officials rejected his passport because Jon’s year-old golden retriever, Sunshine, chomped a corner.  Airline officials in Chicago had told him it would be fine but Miami officials said “no go” and all the scrambling around he could do, couldn’t get him a replacement in time.

“He had chewed a little bit off the corner,” said Meier, 17, who just completed his junior year at North. “The only thing you could not see was a few numbers. Other than that it was pretty much intact. A square centimeter or so was really all that got taken off of a corner.”

“The Chicago airport said it was fine and they let me fly to Miami with the group,” Meier said. “In Miami, after we had already had a flight delay, we started to board and they wouldn’t let me on.

“They said that Chicago shouldn’t have let me come down in the first place,” he said.

Luckily for Sunshine, Jon doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge, “I love her too much,” he said.

Well, Jon may not have a Peru trip to tell people about but “the dog ate my passport” story will go down in history! 🙂

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