Max, the truck driving boxer dogSorry, this is just too funny and not the first time I have reported a dog driving a vehicle either!

Seems Charles McCowan left his truck with Max, his 80 lb Boxer in the passenger seat, parked at a convenience store. After getting his coffee, he came back out the truck and Max were missing. Assuming the obvious, McCowan called the police to report his truck stolen. So far so good, no big surprises. We’d all probably assume the same thing under the circumstances.

When the police arrived and took a look around, they found the ‘stolen’ truck across theVideo shows the truck rolling across the intersection street in a at a gas station, Max safely ensconced inside, with no idea how it got there.

After reviewing a video surveillance tape the answer was pretty clear and pretty funny too.

When McCowen left the truck, he turned off the Max and McCowen safe in the truck after Max's rideengine, set it in neutral and even set the parking brake but that didn’t stop the rowdy Max from setting things in motion.

The video shows the truck rolling backwards into oncoming traffic. The truck even went over a center divider and eventually ended up in the gas station across the street.

Amazingly, no one was hurt and the vehicle wasn’t damaged.Max, the driving dog

“I saw Max, though, when I went to the car over there,” laughed McCowan. “I said, ‘Are you all right?’ He just goes [imitating dog panting]. Yeah, so I know he was fine.”

Guess McCowen will be thinking twice about leaving Max unattended in his truck in the future, who knows where the adventurous pooch may take off for next time! 🙂

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