UPDATE 11/7/09 – Evening – The Harrisburg Humane Society “Fur Ball”

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What is the popular *euphemism* for the Harrisburg Humane Society lately?  The Harrisburg IN-Humane Society!  Their concern for Baron in the eyes of the public is fake, laced with scorn towards Baron’s owner, and indifferent towards the animals in their possession.

Aren’t we up in arms over the conditions at the Memphis Animal Shelter?  Let’s add another one to the mix.

First up…Baron is not being housed in a kennel at the HHS facility.  Get this, he’s locked away in an office.  For the entire time he has been at that shelter, he has been locked in a 6×6 office, with no windows, and absolutely no human contact except when he is walked twice a day.  Once at 8:30 AM and again at 7:30 PM – and only if there is no one around to see.  He is not allowed out, or to be seen by anyone. There is only one window in that office towards the hallway, but it is kept covered so that no one from the public nor even the volunteers can see him. The pictures of Baron playing in a nice big dog run at the shelter were staged, and he was never actually put in that run, except for the photos to be taken.

Just so you all know, Miles Thomas only had ONE visit with Baron all this time.  For an hour.  Just one.   Baron is being treated no better than a prisoner in isolation.

We have an affidavit that was filed to the courts regarding this, you can read it HERE.

Also described in this document are the overcrowded conditions of the shelter.  Let’s step back for a moment and review the statement from the Department of Agriculture in an article from the Patriot News/Pennlive.com

A Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture inspector warned the Harrisburg Humane Society last month that a number of its cages were too small for the dogs being housed, according to department press secretary Justin Fleming.

Fleming sought to correct a earlier statement made by his staff that the animal agency was warned by the state that its Swatara Township, Dauphin County, kennel was overcrowded following a Sept. 22 inspection. That was not the case, Fleming said.

As a nonprofit shelter, the Humane Society is allowed to have an unlimited number of dogs provided there is ample space so as to not endanger the welfare of the dogs, Fleming said. At the time of the Sept. 22 inspection, the Humane Society housed 178 dogs, including 20 puppies, he said.

The state does require that dogs have at least six inches of head room in their cages. The state inspector found that a number of dogs at the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area were in cages that were too small for them, Fleming said.

Not the case, huh?  According to this document:

  1. Three dogs are being kept in the back locker room.
  2. There are fourteen dogs in crates being housed in the crematorium which is used once a week.
  3. And Baron is being kept isolated in an office.

These are humane and safe?  Dogs being housed in the crematorium while it’s in use?

That pretty much blows away the Department of Agriculture’s statement to the press.  They observed their own laws being broken and they have the nerve to state it’s not overcrowded?  Plus just a number of dogs in cages too small?  There are 50 to 60 dogs in CRATES!  And several of them in the crematorium!

Not only that, but this person observed a white pit bull being put down because it didn’t like cats and the staff didn’t have time to work with him.

There’s more.  Another affidavit was filed with the courts documents animals in distress from severe giardia infestation.   Giardia is a protozoan parasite that lives in the intestine of affected animals and is contagious to other dogs, cats and can affect people.   Giardia in dogs can cause diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, poor condition, or death.  These animals suffer covered in their own feces.  Apparently this has been going on since December 2008.   That document is found HERE.

These are disgusting developments that shows this animal shelter – this humane society – is pretty much a disaster.  And yet this organization is concerned about the welfare of Baron.  His owner, a homeless senior citizen can’t take proper care of him… they say.  Releasing him to the home where Miles Thomas currently stays is not good enough and they want 100 percent access 100 percent of the time to monitor what goes on there.

They can’t even manage their own facility!  Who are these people to dictate who is or is not fit to take care Baron?  Or any animal.

The residents of Harrisburg need to demand another clean sweep of the Harrisburg Humane Society management staff.  Clearly the people in charge are not fit to run this organization.

Poor dogs are suffering from parasites and other infections.  They are being released to foster homes with these infections.   Dogs are being euthanized without any proper behavior evaluations.   And Baron the collie is being isolated practically 24/7.

This isn’t an animal shelter.  This is a crime scene.


Thanks Andrea, I cannot even begin to convey how upset, angry and just plain old pissed off I am over this entire debacle!

See all the background on Miles Thomas and Baron;

The two documents, affidavit,s that Andrea mentions I just received earlier this evening, about an hour after they were filed with the federal court. These documents, one by an ex-employee and the other by a volunteer, both detail the cruel conditions that Baron has been kept in for months now, among other things, and you have to ask yourself who would make decree that this poor dog be locked up and isolated? Who’s in charge?

Amy KaunasAmy Kaunas is the Shelter’s Executive Director is that means anything and has been since 2006.  From the Shelter’s website, the description of her position is as follows; “In her position, she works collaboratively with the community to ensure the health and safety of all animals and also oversees all shelter operations and the overall execution of the organization’s strategy. “

Doesn’t seems like she’s doing her job too well considering the ongoing conditions at the shelter and this disaster which is the Miles Thomas case. Is part of her job inflicting abuse and cruelty on animals? You may want to note that prior to her becoming the shelter’s exec. directory, Kaunas was an attorney. Wonder if there’s any connections, social or networking that she could be calling on….

Check out this page for the Human Society – HERE.  It’s the contact/info page for the staff including Amy Kaunas.  There’s also the shelter manager, director of animal care and director of public relations.  Don’t you think all these people need to be contacted to ask about the deplorable conditions at this shelter as well as the cruel treatment that Baron has been receiving for months?

Another person who needs to be the recipient of our communication is the Humane Society Board president, Ken Hugendubler, but as yet I haven’t been able to find any contact info for him.  I have previously received some interesting info about him and his connection which as I also have not been able to independently verify I won’t pass on but if they are true, ans I have little doubt that they are, says quite a bit.

This must come to an end!  The game… power play, that the humane society insists on continuing is beyond the pale!  Do they plan on killing Baron and coming up with an excuse why he died?  What are they gaining in the end besides bad publicity and their name smeared all over?  This is yet another shelter that is overdue for a clean sweep and no one is listening!  It’s time to raise our voice and spread the word.  Contact anyone and everyone and share this info.  Contact the shelter’s staff and ask them to be accountable.  We must take action and do it now before it is too late!

UPDATE 11/7/09 – Evening – The Harrisburg Humane Society “Fur Ball”

Tonight is the night of the Harrisburg Humane (In-humane) Society’s black tie gala, the “Fur Ball.”  Mile Thomas is standing outside of the Crown Plaza Hotel in  Harrisburg with some friends demanding that he be allowed to purchase one of the $115 tickets to the ball after being turned down earlier because they said he didn’t RSVP early enough.

He intends to ask each and every person who has bought a ticket into this black tie gala, to please give him his dog back!

Take a second a send him good wishes and just say, “Go Miles!”

I’ll let you all know how things went when I find out. Sending Miles all the support I can! 😀

Update – Same evening, later….

Tonight, when Miles Thomas arrived, they refused to sell him a ticket to the fur ball.

So instead, he tried to rent a room.

Guess what????????

The Crown Plaza Hotel REFUSED TO RENT HIM A ROOM, as instructed by the Harrisburg Humane Society.


They then called the police….

More to come….

By the way, anyone want to contact the Crown Plaza Harrisburg and let them know what you think of this.  Maybe ask them since when the HHS runs their hotel and tells then who they can and cannot rent rooms to…

Contact Info
Crown Plaza
23 S Second St
Harrisburg, PA 17101
(717) 234-5021

Corp Info
InterContinental Hotels Group
PO Box 30321
Salt Lake City
Telephone: +1 800 621 0555
Fax: +1 801 975 1846

Online contact form – HERE

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