az_abandoned-_dogIt seems more and more that abandoned pets are becoming the norm rather than the exception, people moving out of their homes and leaving once beloved pets behind to fate. In Scottsdale, AZ, here’s just a couple of recent sad cases. One poor dog was abandoned for a month without food and water before she was finally rescued, her life hanging by a thread.

This poor girl is just skin and bones, sick and covered in ticks, thousands of them literally sucking what little life she has left out of her.

“The ticks are feeding from her and they’ve fed too much that they don’t have any blood left,” said Martin.

Authorities hope to track down the owners who abandoned her a file charges against them.

Another abandoned dog also brought in this week with a skin disease that caused most of her fur to fall out and will take months to heal. One of her ears so swollen from irritation that it will require surgery.

The Lost Our Home Pet Foundation has taken both of these dogs as well as a cat that nearly died, in for care and treatment that will run into the thousands.

“You keep thinking you see a bad case and then you have another one come right after that,” said said Jodi Polanski, president of the Lost Our Home Pet Foundation.

Are people so stupid that they think these pets can somehow survive on their own, locked in houses and cages or do they care so little for these precious lives that they would let them suffering excruciating pain and horrors of slow deaths? Financial distress is no excuse to lose your heart and to condemn the innocent. And when and if these scum are found and charged, they usually face a small fine, maybe probation, a slap on the wrist! Where is the justice for the pain and suffering and too often death they inflicted?

This makes me sick, makes me angry, breaks my heart and makes me want to see the same evil meted out to those who do this!

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