UPDATE – 12/20/08 – Christine Abrams in Jail!You can also find links to all the background stories on this prolonged and horrific case.

Christine Abrams leaving courtChristine Abrams Still Free and Lawyer Says Dogs Have No Rights

Well, for everyone hoping to see Christine Abrams behind bars, hope you didn’t have your hopes up too high because she’s still walking free, at least until Friday.  Judge Kelly McKibben ordered Abrams to post a $5,000 bond by noon Friday, of which she actually only has to post 10%, for her to remain free pending her appeal. Abrams must also surrender her passport, obtain permission before traveling outside the state, cannot own an animal and must check in with a probation officer once a week.

After Abrams changed her plea from not guilty to no contest and found out her sentence on December 4, Stine decided then that he was going to appeal.  The appeal may take as long as her sentence and he doesn’t want her languishing in jail in the meantime.  Of course Ella didn’t have a chance to appeal anything and she was guilty of no crime but she was still sentenced to death by Abrams, a long cruel death.

Abrams Avoids Jail Again

Needless to say, animal activists hoping for closure to this long drawn out case, hoping to see Abrams behind bars where she belongs, are disappointed, upset and angry.  I can definitely sympathize.  I have followed this case since I first saw a tiny little blurb about it, so small and innocuous as if to make it inconsequential.

Abrams is whining that she has no money, no job and has had to move because of animal right activists.  Awwww…. poor baby! Wonder if she ever thinks about how Ella felt, lock in a cage, food and water just feet away as she slowly and painfully starved to death?

Well, if she has no money, guess she’ll be in jail come Friday, right?  I doubt it. Stine says she can’t even pay him but I don’t see him walking off the case.  Hey, he’s getting all kinds of publicity, I’m sure he’ll see that Abrams’ bond is posted.  I’d love to see it not be but as with everything about this circus… I mean, case, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

And of course her piece of trash lawyer had to piss people off more yet again.  Andrew Stine has turned this case into a circus from the start and done just about anything and everything he can do to incite animal activists and everyone following this case.  Most lawyers try to elicit sympathy for their clients, even those accused of heinous crimes but he has only succeeded in making Abrams infamous and eliciting more anger and hated toward her and himself as well.

Today, leaving the court, he actually had the temerity to say that dogs have no rights.  He likened the brutal death of Ella to eating meat.

I am not even going to get into this, it just makes me so damn angry that I see red! I think he should be locked up right next to Abrams!

Check out the video below to see Stine show just how much of a jerk he is and I guess we’ll all just wait for the nest installment of the Abrams debacle coming soon, no doubt.

Animal Abuser’s Lawyer Says Dog Has No Rights

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