Alisa Miller is currently in Atlanta searching for Nala with concerned citizens who has been helping Alisa look for her lost pet – and faithfully providing us with updates.  They are currently following up on leads of Nala Sightings.  It has been a long and tough time for them.  Fortunately, the media has picked up on Nala and broadcasting Alisa’s plight on finding her lost pet. 

Alisa will be leaving Atlanta soon but that doesn’t mean give up the search.   Here are a few new details that I would like to pass on: 

Nala is a friendly, female dog. She is approachable.

She is microchipped but is not wearing a collar. Dogs can’t be shipped wearing collars.

Delta Airlines has offered $1,000 reward for the return of Nala. 

A lot of people might scare off Nala.  As someone posted in the comments section, some dogs shy away from a lot of “action” because they are stressed.  Nala is probably stressed at being lost in a strange place.  

And very important:  There is a need for someone to man the tip line, someone to keep up with email and progress reports, and someone to organize and coordinate a flyer team.  Emails should be sent to:

There is now a facebook page set up for Nala.   If you are a facebook user, please join this page and offer the Miller’s all your support.   We will check the facebook page frequently for updates.

Help Find Nala Facebook

We all want Nala back with her owners, Alisa and Brian Miller.  It breaks our heart to think that Alisa will fly to Germany not knowing what has become of Nala.  But I don’t want to go there.  I want everyone to think positively, and if you are in Atlanta, please consider helping in the Search for Nala. 

Good Luck everyone.  Keep us posted.

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