Rick TeitsmaUsually when there’s a news story that includes both a mailman and a dog, there’s also biting involved. Not this time. This time it’s actually a hero story and the mailman in question actually searched out the dog and saved its life.

On Tuesday afternoon in Grandville, MI, 58-year-old postal carrier Rick Teitsma found a house in the 2900 block of Gable Street on fire. Seeing no one home and the family dog behind glass sliding doors, Teitsma said he did what anyone in the same situation would have done and risked his own life to save the dog.

“So, what we did, the neighbor and I broke the slider and I went into the basement to get the dog because he ran away,” says Teitsma. “He was scared. I got him and let him out and then went through the basement looking for kids.”

When the family was initially told about the fire, they weren’t told that their family pet, Gretchen, was rescued and there were, of course, worried.

“We were preparing for the worst,” says homeowner Jeanne Molter. “Just couldn’t imagine her not being here when we got home.”

“They become part of the family and she is definitely part of the family,” says her husband, Matt Molter.

The Molter family and Gretchen were reunited and the Molter’s were extremely grateful for their quick thinking and selfless postal carrier.

“He was here at the right time and we really appreciate what he did for us,” says Matt Molter.

Way to go Rick!! Now that’s one postal worker that went way above and beyond the call of duty!

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