Dog Lost, Dog Found, Dog Lost Again… Where’s Diesel?

Josh Rosenthal’s pitbull, Diesel, escaped from his yard nearly two weeks ago. He believes the meter man accidentally left the gate open and Diesel escaped in the short period of time between when Josh left him out in the morning and when he went back to let him in.

When University of Memphis police found the dog shortly after he disappeared, they didn’t know he belong to Rosenthal so U of M police officer, Degreaun Frazier, gave the dog to his cousin to take care of instead of taking Diesel to a shelter.

Rosenthal called the U of M police, and they told him Diesel was at a home in Raleigh. When Rosenthal went to Raleigh, the dog was gone. Officer Frazier’s cousin said Diesel ran away again, but Rosenthal is skeptical. Police Chief Bruce Harbor says they will look into the missing dog and how Officer Frazier handled the situation. For now, Diesel is still missing and Josh is heartbroken and just wants his canine companion back.

If you’re in the area and have see Diesel, call 901-238-0394.

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