As dog owners we know that we’re targeted with everything from gourmet dogfood and treats to highend fashion, furniture and decor to the most sumptuous of doggie kennels and retreats to just about anything you can think of. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and that’s no surprise to those of us who spoil and pamper our beloved canine companions.

Well believe it or not I actualy came across something that stuck me as rather novel; doggie vending machines!

Check it out from Pegasus News

Doggie vending machine comes to White Rock Lake Dog Park

— White Rock Lake Dog Park has to be the top dog park in Dallas, with areas dedicated to big and small dogs, access to the lake, and a large population of supportive and savvy dog owners.

What is the world coming to when even dogs get their own vending machines?

And now, a doggie vending machine, too.


What is the world coming to when even dogs get their own vending machines?

You can’t miss it: It’s the bright red machine built inside a faux dog-house, parked next to the message board at the entrance of the park. Here’s where to get your chew toys, balls, pick-up bags, leashes, collars — all the things dogs carelessly forget when dashing off to the park. Prices are good, running from $1 to $5, with 10 percent of the proceeds going to the park.

Called Hey Buddy!, it was installed last week and is the brainchild of Carlotta Lennox, a fashion model and inventor who dreamed up the machine after one night too many of having to go out to the store for dog food.

“We’ve had a prototype machine at the downtown Bark Park since 2005,” she says. “But the one at White Rock is the first of the official line.”

Over the summer, she and her Plano-based start-up will install 10 more machines at parks such as Fort Woof and Grand Prairie’s Paw Pals, as well as at apartment buildings like Dallas Power & Light.

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