This is a crushing blow.  She was found yesterday along highway I-75, dead.  Not only is this a blow to Alisa and Brian Miller, Nala’s owners, but to everyone that engaged in searching for her, and followed the story.   Our hearts grieve.


From Ann:

Hello everyone-
I am sorry to tell you that we have lost Nala. She was found yesterday on I-75, dead. There were not extensive injuries-I truly believe that her death was instantainous. She did not suffer. I have sent photographs of her to Alisa who confirms that this dog is indeed Nala. I also photographed the scanner at the vets and the correct number came up. Alisa and Brian thank you so much-through all of this tension you have been so kind and eager to help. Alisa, who had no idea what she would find here, discovered that a whole community was supporting her effort to find her baby dog. She was amazed and touched that people cared about her beloved girl. Alisa’s relationship with Nala was strong. Nala was more, actually than her child. She was her protector, her best friend. It went beyond love, they were partners. Nala was her heart dog. When I saw Nala tonight I stroked her all over her body, held her head and told her “Everybody loves you”. She was a beautiful, good girl.

From Delta Airlines:

As partners in this search for Nala, the 8-year-old German Shepherd that escaped her kennel on Dec. 22 from the Atlanta Airport, we wanted to share with you that she unfortunately was found deceased yesterday by a state road crew . A necropsy will be conducted, but it appears that she was hit by a car. I’m certain you share both Delta and Nala’s family’s sadness in hearing this news, as we were all so hopeful that all of our efforts would have resulted in a better outcome. Delta is continuing to work closely with the family to support them during this difficult time and both wish to extend their sincere appreciation to all of you for your efforts. In particular, Delta believes it was the resourcefulness and dedication of groups like yours that helped to generate so many leads during the search. In gratitude for this assistance, we will be making a $1,000 donation to the Atlanta Pet Rescue in support of their work with homeless, abused, and neglected animals.

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