Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) recently released a report on the top six illnesses/diseases that dog owners and dog care givers need to keep an eye out for.  These topped the claims list:

1) Skin allergies
2) Ear infections
3) Stomach upsets
4) Urinary tract infection
5) Benign Tumors
6) Pyoderma (hot spots/bacterial skin infections)

According to, as the owner or caregiver of a dog it can be expected that the dog will experience at least one of these problems during their lifetime. Skin allergies, Ear infections, and Pyoderma can be found during any stage of a dog’s life. While an upset stomach may be more prevalent in puppies because of their tendency to chew and eat everything in sight. Tumors, Skin diseases, and Arthritis will be more common with older dogs.

It’s hard to prevent a dog from getting an infection or disease, but… it is possible to minimize the affects of disease by spending a lot of time with your dog and catching these problems as early as possible. When one spends quality time petting and playing with a dog it is easy to realize that a dog has sore joints or skin infections. By catching these problems in the early stages it is possible to greatly reduce the effect some of these diseases can have on a dog.

Dog owners and especially Dog Daycares should keep these top six diseases dogs get in mind. It is important for someone who runs a Dog Daycare to do a daily check on each dog to ensure they do not have any fleas, skin infections, sore joints, or lumps anywhere on their body. Running a Dog Daycare is a unique experience and it is important to take extra time and make sure they are diseases free.

As a Dog Daycare owner it is very important to make sure all dogs are healthy and free of disease. If a sick dog is found… inform the owner of the dog immediately. Even though sharing bad news is not fun, the dog owner will greatly appreciate the prompt warning. If a sick dog is found… be sure to separate this dog from the group until it is feeling better. This will prevent the spread of disease as well as allowing the sick or infected dog to recuperate without dealing with social pressures in a pack.

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