kathybauck1I’m gonna make this one quick because I am disappointed and disgusted.  The verdict came in today on Kathy Bauck, owner of Pick of the Litter Kennel, or I should say previous owner because she transferred ownership to her husband and daughter and is listed only as an employee now.  She was acquitted on the two most serious charges, two felony animal abuse charges but she was convicted of the four misdemeanor charges, one animal cruelty and three counts of torture.

There’s no doubt that only being convicted of misdemeanors her sentence will be minimal and she’ll be back to torturing and abusing dogs again.

While on the stand she threw as much blame for everything that she possibly could on Jason Smith, the man who shot the undercover video which showed some of the most appalling and horrific images of life inside a puppy mill.  She claimed he sabotaged her operation in effect causing many of the problems. She had an excuse for pretty much everything.  You can read more of the detail of her testimony in The Fergus Falls Journal.  She really paints herself as a victim, targeted.  Hmmph!

Bauck was arrested in August of 2008 and initially charged with 9 counts of felony animal cruelty, torture, and practicing veterinary medicine without a license. She also has a history of complaints and citations. You can read much more background, including all the original charges HERE and more information, including the infamous video which her lawyer attempted to have suppressed, HERE.

Sadly, between her arrest and the trial, charges were dismissed and downgraded and now we see the final verdict.  Last Saturday Bauck was at the Buckeye Dog Auction in Ohio getting rid of over 200 dogs and is also expected to be back at the auction in May to dump more dogs.

A sentencing hearing will be held April 24 following recommendations from Otter Tail County Probation.

This bitch can say what she will, try to lay blame wherever she can get away with but she has more then a decade history of abuse and the only innocent victims are the dogs and puppies in her kennel from hell.

And here’s a quote which says far too much;

The USDA is considering pulling her breeder’s license, but such an act might not put her out of business. Neither, would a criminal conviction.

“Internet sales are not regulated by the USDA,” said Howard. “So even if she’s convicted and loses her USDA license, she’ll still be able to run Puppies On Wheels.”

What will it take to put this… this… trash out of business permanently and completely?!

So, now you can see why I am disappointed and disgusted… and what do you think about this?

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